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Agata is an award-winning dancer, choreographer and instructor of ATS®️,Tribal Fusion and Oriental Dance. She is a FatChanceBellydance®️ Sister Studio®️, certified ATS®️ teacher and a graduate of the prestigious CATT instructor course in Berlin. Agata also has a bachelor’s diploma in Choreography and Dance Technique. She was the first teacher in Warsaw who taught ATS®️ – her work contributed to the popularization of ATS®️ in Warsaw and to the emergence of new groups of dancers. Agata teaches and performs in Poland and abroad. She co-founded Flames of Bellydance (Oriental and Tribal Fusion group) and The Siren Society (the oldest ATS®️ group in Warsaw, who are now celebrating their 10th anniversary).

Agata has been dancing since 2007, focusing on dance as her main career. She is dedicated to exploring ATS®️ in its purest form, but also enjoys experimenting with props: skirt, fan, manton, sword. As a Tribal Fusion dancer she loves to experiment with Romani and Flamenco inspirations. She also takes inspiration from traditional and folkloric Egyptian dance. For her bachelor’s diploma in Choreography she choreographed a short spectacle “Trance-fusion” which combined Tribal Fusion technique with trance ritual inspired by the Zar tradition of the Middle East.



Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Michelle Sorensen is a professional Belly Dancer with over a decade of dedicated dance training. She began her studies under the direction of Kismet School of Dance (American), Kashmir Dance Company (ATS & Tribal Fusion), Trisha Mcbride (Tribal Fusion and Experimental) and more recently Rachel Brice (8 elements Practitioner Phases 1,2,&3 Initiation, Cultivation, and Culmination Certified) and Stephanie Buranek (Cabaret/Egyptian). She has also sought continued instruction through workshops and other events from some of the most innovative dancers in and out of the belly dance scene. Along with bellydance, she has discovered a love for the Aerial Arts, Exotic Dance, Contemporary Dance and Dancehall/Twerk. “Cross-training” in these genres of dance has helped her with stamina, strength, flexibility and finding her own artistic voice. Her life is also occupied with being a mother of 2 sweet little girls who are a constant inspiration to push boundaries and a reminder to explore! She is available for instruction, private lessons and workshops both locally and internationally.


Piny is a dreamer, an art lover, a passionate and intense performer and a dedicated teacher with a special taste for challenges and breaking boundaries. Born in Lisbon, she is a non-conventional performer always looking for new approaches and new comprehension of movement. Ate 17 she finished a 3 year course in Drawing, followed by a year in Graphic Design, while she was finishing her BA in Architecture. Later she finished a post-graduation in Scenography and completed a BA in Contemporary Dance and Creation, while working as an architect. During all this, she kept dancing. She had her first Belly Dance in 2000 but fell deeply in love with Hip Hop in 2003. In 2006, to express her love for breakdance, graffiti and vinyl records, she founded with her friends a female Hip Hop crew called ButterflieSoulFlow. In 2009 she integrated the all styles Hip Hop crew Jukebox Project, where they developed work around Popping, Locking, New Style and Breakdance. With her crews she battles and performs. The passionate and relentless search for new approaches and new vocabularies, led her to travel on a national and international level to learn, listen and understand the different styles. Her main areas of work are Breakdance, House Dance, Lofting, Waacking, Contemporary Dance, and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, always as a lifetime research project. As a contemporary dancer she has choreographed solo and group pieces shown in different national festivals, and has been working as a dancer for several choreographers. In 2012 she founded Orchidaceae Urban Tribal where the Hip Hop background meets Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. It’s a dream project just starting to grow.


Sofia started dancing when she was little, studying Ballet for 5 years, then Jazz and Tap Dance. After a hiatus in dance, when she was using up her stamina as a federated swimmer, she tried her first belly dance workshop with Cris Aysel, in 2003, never letting go again. She has had the good fortune of learning with some brilliant dancers and teachers, throughout the world, and is always learning something from her students. Her work with several dance groups and projects, and her own research and taste for the odd, lead her to Tribal Fusion and to ATS® where she found herself at home. She is now a very happy certified ATS® teacher and Sister Studio to FatChance BellyDance®. Parallel to oriental dance, she started studying Hula, with Kumu Hula Rich Pedrina, and the Hawaiian culture soon became another great passion. She learned the basics in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii, and now takes every chance she gets to learn more with her Kumu or other teachers. She also began to study other Polynesian dances, such as Ori Tahiti, and recently had the chance to perfect her technique with Tahia Cambet and Leolani Gallardo, and is currently taking classes with Tiana Guénant. She’s been teaching Hula ‘Auana since late 2007. In December 2016 she fulfilled yet another dream – to study with Kumu Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu, founder of the Academy of Hawaiian Arts, and Kuana Torres Kahele, the brilliant singer, composer and Kumu Hula. Apart from dance, she takes great interest in music, has been a student at the Hotclube de Portugal jazz school and studies Arabic and Polynesian percussions. A psychologist, mother of two girls, and an avid entrepreneur, she is currently mentoring the girls from Altair, an ATS® student troupe, launched Black Dahlia Creations with her "partner in crime" Marisa Gama, opened the Mahtab Dance Studio with her friends Cris Aysel, Silvia Orchidaceae and Veronique Divine and is a co-sponsor of TribaLX.

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Born in Brazil and living in Portugal for many years, Cris Aysel has danced Ballet, Brazilian and African dances from a young age. Since she discovered Oriental Dance, she never stopped her training and research in that style of dance.  In 2002 she started performing professionally and teaching. She also love fusions and mixing inspirations from other dance styles with oriental dance... and thus her Indie Fusion technique was born, a style where middle eastern dance is the starting point for the interpretation of alternative/indie songs, combining movements and inspirations from other dance styles (tribal fusion, contemporary, jazz, etc). Indie Fusion is a personal exploration with an intense commitment in developing this personal style.

Cris Aysel is involved in several dance projects in Portugal, she was a co-founder of the Mahtab Dance Studio, the founder of the All for Dance studio (her own personal project), she is a co-sponsor of The East Fest International Oriental Dance Festival of Lisbon, and a co-sponsor of TribaLX. She also performs with many different dance groups, and has recently joined the Munique Neith International Ballet.


Olga is a Tribal dance artist from Asia- Kazakhstan. As a representative of the of Russian Tribal Federation, she introduced Tribal style (ATS, ITS and Fusion) to students in Astana, and is currently developing this style in Almaty in her own studio.

She is the creator of a creative dance team – Tribal Pro. (Tribal Production Dance Group) and an innovative choreographer in the world of Tribal Fusion dance. She studied with many teachers in Tribal style in America, Russia and Europe and regularly teaches all over Asia and Europe.


She is known for her creative approaches to choreography and her vibrant energy!


Silvia discovered the world of Oriental Dance by chance in 2007, when she was looking for something to break her work routine as an architect. Since then, it has been an increasingly intense and profound journey marked by several stages. She began her dance training in Lisbon. In addition to national training, she participated in several international workshops. Tribal Fusion Bellydance turned out to be her greatest passion. In this area, she had the privilege to learn from Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, and Samantha Emanuel among others. The connection to the dance went beyond her first oriental dance group called Mahtab, and with the opening of Studio Mahtab (2010-2013), Silvia began teaching Oriental Dance and Tribal Fusion. She is also one of the sponsors of TribaLX, the only international Tribal Fusion Festival in Portugal, going on it's 9th edition, always with participants from all over the world. She joined the group Orchidaceae Urban Tribal in 2013 leaded by Piny Orchidaceae. After winning the first place at the Tribal Fusion Competition of the Sommer Festival in Berlin she started in 2014 giving regular Tribal Fusion classes at the Tanzakademie Cifuentes. She loves fusion dance styles, mostly with urban flair, also she enjoys collaborations with other dancers, the most recent ones are Yuri Ferretti (D/IT), Lia Pavlidis (D) Haza (F), Iza Lo (P), Melli Sarina Baumeister (D) and Alice Bloom (D). Now she is teaching at the 1st floor studio in Berlin


Veronique began her training in dance when she was 8 years old, with Jazz, followed by Ballet, Modern Dance and Tap Dance. From 2002 she gets involved in the world of Oriental Dance, going to workshops by many national and international masters, in Portugal, Barcelona, Sweden, the UK and Egypt. She also gets trained in oriental percussion, musical education, gipsy dances, jazz, floor barre, hula, among others. She’s been teaching Oriental Dance since 2003. She has also started to develop a passion for more alternative dance and theater projects. Burlesque, satire, and fusions of unconventional dance styles become a constant in her life when she joins the Custom Circus Company in 2008. Looking for a more revivalist project, she joins the Cabaret Cais Sodré Project where she acquires technical and choreographic training in the style if the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s cabaret dance. As well as innumerous shows and performances, solo and in group, she organizes the La Belle Bombshell workshops with Sara Vargas and Alípio Padilha, and has been all over the country teaching the art of burlesque and the pinup aesthetic. She won 2nd place in the international newcomer category at the London Burlesque Festival in 2012 and the 1st place at the New Burlesque Awards London in 2013. Founder of the Mahtab group and cofounder of the Mahtab Studio, she is also a member of the TribaLX organization.

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