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EARLY BIRD UNTIL 15.01.2017!!!

Friday | Room 1 | 17h-19h

“Bellydance at the turn of the century”


April Rose presents a historical overview of the movement traditions that have contributed to our current conception of bellydance. From the ghawazi and almeh performances that Orientalist scholars and romantic writers described in their accounts of traveling to Egypt, to the fantastical performances of early modern dancers like Ruth St. Denis and Maud Allan. This lecture touches briefly on bellydance as a complex set of movement practices that have developed synchronically in Egypt and the US, with special focus on the American World’s Fair exhibitions, Vaudeville and burlesque popular theater, Hollywood and Egyptian film, Cairo and US nightclubs. The information contained in this broad lecture runs roughly from about 1850 to 1950.


Saturday | Room 1 | 10h-12h


“Target Technique: Travelling”


In her “Target Technique” series, April Rose breaks down the mechanics behind a variety of movements that are essential to bellydance. Students learn basic codified moves and more complex variations to incorporate into their own improvisation, combinations and choreography.


Level: Beginner / Intermediate 


Saturday | Room 1 | 13h-15h


“Inspired skirt movements - Drama! Color! Energy!”


Use your full ATS® skirt and move it staying in your improvised dance format. The skirts add color, energy and quite a bit of drama to your dance! Based on steps from the ATS® Bellydance vocabulary I’d like to inspire you to play with your skirt. I’ll show you my adapted movements and give you some ideas how to create your own variations.


Level: Beginner / Intermediate.


Please bring a full 25yd ATS® skirt.


Saturday | Room 1 | 15:15-17:15




In this workshop we'll work on arm and hand movements and their coordination, hip work, posible movements and displacements, tabla de pies (footwork with different rhythms) and coordinate it with the arm movements. We will also do a short routine by tangos!


Level: Open

Saturday | Room 1 | 17:30-19:30


"Wiggle, wiggle,wiggle!"


Initiation and / or development of all the shimmy family members! 4/4 Shimmy, 3/4 shimmy, Hagala, houlder shimmy, flutters ... We will learn how to control the tremors: isolations, different intensities and rhythms through technical exercises and dance combos.


Level: Intermediate


Sunday | Room 1 | 10h-12h


“Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Advanced ATS® Formations and Transitions”


How to use ATS® movements in classic and new exciting ATS® formations as Duo, Trio (also in a diagonal), Quartet, adding a Chorus line, the Stagger, Dueling Duets, Café Formation… Fading, Passing and other exciting stuff ;)

We will also look at creating fluid transitions between slow and fast, from one step to the other.


Level: Beginners with previous ATS® experience / Intermediate


Sunday | Room 1 | 13h-15h


"Balkan express"


Welcome into the melancholy and joyful world of Balkan music! Beginning slow and strong...ending fast and furious! Don't miss the train!


Level: Intermediate


Sunday | Room 1 | 15h15-17h15


"Fusion I want you!"


In this workshop we will work on techniques by restructuring new combos, fusing classic, sharp and layering.

During the workshop we’ll approach several movements, linking combos as to construct linear moves, obtaining a symmetrical body reading and working on a technical transportation for all sets of movements. A dynamic and fun workshop, applied in choreographic design, allowing for freedom of expression and creativity.

We will analyze circular and spiral movements combined with sinuous ones, as to present the fluidity inside each movement, specifically arms and hands. To get all content in harmony, we’ll use focus and breathing exercises throughout the whole workshop, allowing for a better qualification in technique.

Open level


Level: Open


Sunday | Room 1 | 17h30-19h30


“Inspiration India - Rajasthani and Kathak inspired”


Learn combinations that take inspiration from basic steps in Classical Indian Dance and Indian Folk Dance. After learning these movement selections in the way they were taught to April Rose in her collegiate Indian dance training, we will meld them into bellydance-driven combos. You will see how these original steps metamorphose after meeting bellydance technique and posturing to create a unique sequence of movement.


Level: Intermediate / Advanced


Saturday | Room 2 | 15h15 - 17h15




We are going to explore different fellings, emotions and intensity using independent musics, taking us into a dystopic journey


Level: Open


Saturday | Room 2 | 17h30 - 19h30

“Gut instinct: Rhythms and pulse from the primal self”


In this two hour workshop we’ll uncover our primal instinct and sweat our emotions out with Tahitian drumming and rhythms in a crazy ‘otea. We will then use some of the most interesting Tahitian techniques, and fuse them into each of the participants own style, in a guided improvisation game.


Level: Open


Sunday | Room 2 | 10h-12h




Coreotopia is a new coreography that works especially on arm patterns and different movement qualities.


Level: Intermediate


Sunday | Room 2 | 13h-15h


"Vintage Bellydance"


In this workshop you will discover the most emblematic moves and poses of the golden era. The focus will be on the characters of this glamourous 50´s dancers combined in a cheaky coreography. Discouver your inner odalisque.


Level: Intermediate


Sunday | Room 2 | 15h15-17h15


"Contemporary Fusion Belly Dance"



vWe propose to travel between contemporary dance and the language of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. We'll explore the body, and the body in space, giving the participants an understanding of the possibilities that exist in the articulation of both these universes.



Level: Contemporary - Open 
​       Tribal - Intermediate

Sunday | Room 2 | 17h30-19h30


"Urban Fusion"


This is where two different worlds colide and come together to form a new one! In this workshop we will give you a little peek into our approach to Urban Fusion Belly Dance, through technical exercices and a specially-made coreography that will fuse both worlds. Come prepared for some groove, some beat-killing, and some nice challenges!


Level: Urban - Open
       Tribal - Intermediate

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